Megabox HD APK installation on FireStick

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The screenshots in this article were taken with a FireStick 4K. The method, however, works on both the Amazon Fire Stick 2nd Generation and the Amazon Fire TV Cube. I’ll show you how to install Megabox HD APK on FireStick in this tutorial.

However, at the time of writing, the app is successfully streaming content. As a result, I made the decision to write this tutorial. Megabox HD is a third-party app that allows you to watch movies and TV shows on demand. As a result, don’t expect it to be feature-packed. It’s a small app with a file size of less than 5MB.

As a result, you will not be able to contact Real Debrid for assistance. It also receives some high-quality links from reliable servers. The app has a good selection of movies and TV shows. In fact, there is no support for Trakt. Unfortunately, in order to keep the app as light as possible, it has been pared down to just the essentials.

If you’re looking for apps with more features and support for Real Debrid and Trakt, check out our list of the best Firestick apps.

Users of the FireStick, take note!

Your IP address is currently visible to everyone. Governments and internet service providers keep a close eye on your online activity, and accessing copyrighted content on your Fire TV Stick could land you in hot water. I strongly advise you to get the best FireStick VPN to hide your IP address and stream your favorite shows safely.

ExpressVPN, the fastest and most secure VPN on the market, is what I use. You can also get a refund if you’re not completely satisfied. It’s not only simple to set up on any device, but it also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. On top of that, ExpressVPN is currently offering three extra months for free on their annual plan!

Here are some of the reasons why you should always use a VPN.

Read this article to learn how to set up and use ExpressVPN on your Firestick.

Installing Megabox HD on a FireStick

Let me break down the installation process into two parts so you know exactly how to proceed:

  • Allow/enable Unknown Sources Apps
  • Megabox HD can be installed on a FireStick device.

Part 1: Allow/enable Unknown Sources Apps

Megabox HD is a third-party software program. It isn’t hosted on the Amazon Store, in other words. To sideload apps, follow the steps below to enable Apps from Unknown Sources: These apps must be sideloaded onto the FireStick.

Select the menu bar on the top of the Fire TV Stick’s home screen.

1. The FireStick’s home screen looks like this.

2. In the menu bar, select the option Settings.

3. Select an option from the drop-down menu. Go to my Fire TV and turn it on.

4. These options should now appear on your screen.

Options for Developers Feel free to click.

5. If the option Apps from Unknown Sources is OFF in the following window, click it.

Leave it on if it’s already turned on.

6. When the following prompt appears, click Turn On.

Let’s get started with the installation. This is how you install Megabox HD on your FireStick.

Install Megabox HD on a FireStick in Part 2

The following are the steps to download and install Megabox HD APK on an Amazon Fire TV Stick:

Return to the FireStick home screen and highlight the menu bar at the top once more.

1. Select the Search option in the top-left corner.

2. When the onscreen keyboard appears, type the Downloader app’s name.

When Downloader appears in the search results, click it.

3. Install the Downloader app by following the onscreen instructions.

Open the app and dismiss any pop-up prompts.

When you get to the Downloader app’s home screen, click the text field that says http://

4. Type the following link into the onscreen keyboard:

Click GO or use the remote’s Play/Pause button.

5. Wait for the Megabox HD APK to finish downloading and install on your device.

6. When the following prompt appears, click Install.

7. Wait for the Megabox HD FireStick app to complete the installation process.

Once the Megabox HD app is installed, you should see an App installed notification.

You can now click OPEN to start the app.

For the time being, I recommend clicking DONE.

When you see the following dialog box after clicking DONE in the previous step, click Delete.

10. Select Delete once more.

You’ve saved space by deleting the Megabox HD APK file.

Megabox HD on FireStick: How to Use It

First, let’s look at how to get into the Megabox HD FireStick app (if you already know how, you can skip this section).

Select the section Your Apps & Channels from the home screen. Return to your device’s home screen first.

In this section, go to the left and click View All

Megabox HD can be found by going all the way to the right. Note: Can’t see everything?

You should now see the window below, which contains all of your apps.

Open Megabox HD at the bottom of the page.

Press the 3-line button on the remote to move the app to the home screen for easier access. A popup menu appears in the bottom-right corner of your screen.

Drag and drop the Megabox HD app into the first row after clicking Move.

This is Megabox HD’s home screen on the Fire TV Stick. You can select the movie you want to watch and begin streaming immediately. Megabox HD, unlike other on-demand streaming apps, shows movies on the default home screen.

Click the 3-line menu button in the upper-left corner of the main screen to watch TV shows.

Next, select TVShow from the dropdown menu that appears.

On this menu, you can also select categories/genres.

If you want to sort or filter content by genre, go to the Genres option near the top-right corner.

The following screen should appear. Scroll down and select the genre you want to see a list of content for.

This screen isn’t the most user-friendly, but it’s still usable.

You can also search for content using specific keywords, such as the title of a TV show, a movie, an actor, or a director.

Simply go to the top-right corner of the main screen and select the Search option.

However, before you begin, please be aware that your ISP and government will be able to see everything you stream online. This means that watching free movies, TV shows, and sports online could land you in legal trouble. ,,,,,,,,,, Your FireStick / Fire TV is now ready to watch your favorite shows and movies.

All you’ll need is a good VPN for Fire Stick to get started. A VPN will hide your real IP address, allowing you to avoid online surveillance, ISP throttling, and content geo-blocking. Fortunately, there is a foolproof method for keeping your streaming activities hidden from your ISP and the government.

It works with a wide range of streaming apps and is simple to set up on a Fire TV or Fire Stick. ExpressVPN is the fastest and most secure VPN, which I personally use and recommend.

We do not support the infringement of copyright laws. It is not always easy to distinguish between a legitimate and an illegal source. But what if you unintentionally stream content from an unauthorized source?

Let’s see how to use ExpressVPN to keep your streaming activities hidden from prying eyes before you start streaming on your Fire Stick / Fire TV.

Meaning, you can try it out for free for the first 30 days, and if you’re not happy with the results (which is highly unlikely), you can get a full refund. Step 1: CLICK HERE to join ExpressVPN. A 30-day money-back guarantee is included.

Step 2: Turn on your Fire TV Stick and go to the Find menu, then Search.

Step 3: In the search bar, type â€Expressvpn†(without quotes) and select ExpressVPN when it appears in the results.

Step 4: To install the ExpressVPN app on your Fire TV / Stick, click Download.

Sign in by clicking the Sign in button. Step 5: Launch the app and log in using the credentials you created when purchasing an ExpressVPN subscription.

Step 6: To connect to a VPN server, click the Power icon. That’s all there is to it. With the fastest and best VPN for FireStick, your connection is now secure.

More information on using ExpressVPN with Fire TV / Stick can be found here.

Megabox HD APK features

Here are some of the app’s best features:

  • Megabox HD is a small app that takes up little space on your FireStick’s limited system resources.
  • The FireStick remote is fully compatible with the app.
  • It’s simple to use. Simply select the movie or episode you want to watch from the available streaming links by clicking on the title.

The following are some of the flaws: There are some flaws in the app as well.

  • There is no integration with Real Debrid. As a result, you won’t be able to use premium links.
  • As a result, you won’t be able to sync streaming activity between Trakt compatible apps. There is no integration with Trakt.
  • There are no options to customize the app.
  • There aren’t many streaming options. As a result, some titles may not be available to stream.

Final Thoughts

Please share your thoughts on this app in the comments section below. Install this app to watch a variety of movies and television shows. So here it is: the Megabox HD FireStick app. This lightweight app is simple to use and navigate.

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